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Eric Herness, IBM Distinguished Engineer, BPM and Decision Management CTO, BPM Chief Architect

Eric Herness

Eric Herness is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the Smarter Process CTO. He leads the technical strategy activity for the IBM business focused on BPM and Operational Decision Management. Eric is also the Chief Architect for Business Process Management (BPM). Eric leads the team of architects that define product architecture and technical direction for this business. He works with many large clients and business partners on all things Smarter Process. Eric has deep experience in business process management, rules, events, integration, connectivity and object technology. He has had key lead architectural roles in WebSphere going back over 15 years.

Gal Shachor, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect - Worklight

Gal Shachor

Gal Shachor is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Worklight. In this role, he is tasked with leading Worklight technology directions across IBM. Gal is responsible to grow Worklight as IBM’s premier offering for mobile application development and extending it to support the integration of new capabilities from across IBM. Prior to his assignment with Worklight, Gal worked in IBM's Research division where he initiated and led projects in the areas of mobile, cloud, development tools and application server technologies. Way in the past Gal was one of WebSphere's founding team. He was the original developer of Tomcat's mod_jk and authored a bon JSP Tag libraries and JEE.

John Duimovich, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Java CTO

John Duimovich

John Duimovich, Java CTO and IBM Distinguished Engineer, has been the lead designer and implementer for OTI/IBM virtual machine technology for the past twenty years. He has designed virtual machines for a wide range of platforms, from the implementations for embedded and real-time systems to those for IBM mainframe systems. Duimovich has played a key role in the development of the IBM J9 Virtual Machine, ENVY/Smalltalk, VA/Micro Edition, and VA/Java Java IDEs. He also had a role in creating Eclipse, is the Tools project management committee lead, and a member of the technology project management committee.

Michael Kistler, Senior Technical Staff Member, Mobile App Development

Mike Kistler

Michael Kistler is a Senior Technical Staff Member in the IBM Research Lab in Austin, TX. Mr. Kistler joined IBM in 1982 and held various positions in development organizations before moving to the Research Division in 2000. In 2010 he became the manager of the Enterprise Mobile Computing group in IBM Research - Austin. His research interests are new applications for mobile technologies, scalable and reliable backend systems for mobile applications, and the intersection of social network technologies and enterprise applications.

Nicolas Sauterey, STSM, Chief Architect, Operational Decision Management (ILOG)

Nicolas Sauterey

Nicolas Sauterey is STSM and Chief Architect for the ODM product since he has joined IBM with the ILOG acquisition in 2008. He had previously been working in the ODM (formerly ILOG JRules) team since 2000 in various QA and Architecture positions, and as a technical seller involved in many customer engagements. He is currently focused on expanding further the frontiers of ODM technology benefits, in particular on Cloud and Mobile.

Scott Rich, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Developer Experience and Rational CLM Cloud Lead Architect

Scott Rich

Scott Rich is a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Lead for IBM Developer Experience and the Cloud Architect for Rational CLM. Scott was recently the Technical Lead for the Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution at IBM Rational. He was a founding member of the Jazz project, and the lead for the Jazz Foundation Project. Scott spent a year evangelizing Rational's vision with customers as the Chief Technical Officer for Rational in Northeast Europe. He is a member of the core team of the IBM Tools Development Council, and was previously development lead for Rational Application Developer. He has worked at IBM for 25 years, holding a number of technical positions in that time on Vis.

Steve Roberts, Director, Software Defined Environment Development

Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts is currently the Director for Software Defined Environments development within the IBM STG Software Defined Systems organization. He is managing a cross IBM technical leadership team that is defining the technology roadmap for SDE and experimenting with new solutions to drive increased customer value. Previously, Steve spent many years within the IBM SWG Canada lab leading development organizations within Tivoli, Websphere and DB2.

Stephane Mery, STSM, Product Architect - Business Tools, IBM Operational Decision Manager

Stephane Mery

Stephane Mery is part of IBM Software Group, coming from the acquisition of ILOG where he spent more than 10 years in Software Development with a specific focus on language technologies. Since 2009, Stephane is Product Architect for IBM Operational Decision Manager (previously known as ILOG JRules), leading development on business user-centric capabilities, including business rules languages, rule management and governance.