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Tampa Marriott Westshore

According to an IDC study, the number of files data centers will have to deal with will grow by at least 75 times by 2020. Is your business prepared for the coming data avalanche?

Regulations today are tight, data is increasing and customers are demanding higher levels of service. Every business initiative is only as strong as its weakest link. Most organizations are heavily reliant on file-based business processes with their customers, suppliers and partners. The technologies being leveraged lack reliability, security, and traceability, resulting in blind spots that put your business at risk. Stay ahead of the risks and differentiate your business by taking a strategic approach to data exchange.

Don’t miss this upcoming event to discover innovative best practices for business data exchange, and to gain real-world strategies from IDC and IBM experts for keeping data on the move.

Join us to learn how you can:

· Secure Data – to avoid security breaches, failed audits, lost files, and waste
· Mitigate Risk – to increase the reliability of the business processes that depend on file based integration
· Increase Revenue – and enable quicker problem resolution, increase speed of business, and ensure satisfied customers

“We’ve had so many issues with file transfers, especially with our highest revenue client, that with one more failure, they will walk. We are now able to monitor high value customers transfers and ensure customer data has arrived on time, is being processed and if there is an issue, that we know where to look and who to engage to solve the problem quickly.” – Treasury Product Manager, US Retail Bank