Financial Services Analytics Summit 2014

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IBM reserves the right to refuse attendance based on a registrant's status. Registration is only open to representatives from financial institutions, banks, and insurance companies.

Event Overview

With easy access to information, today’s customers are more particular, demanding, savvy and price conscious -- and far less loyal. Consequently, financial service organizations that do not – or cannot – understand their customers’ needs and treat them appropriately face a variety of challenges that directly impact revenue and profitability.

Join us on September 17 in New York City for the Financial Services Analytics Summit 2014. Hear from banking, insurance and financial market experts, along with IBM analytics experts, who will share proven strategies, best practices and real life examples using analytics to understand who their most valuable customers are, what they want, and how they will behave in the future. See why organizations that have this critical insight enjoy a unique view of their customers that cannot be easily replicated by competitors.

This event will look at how banks and insurance agencies are using customer analytics solutions to:

Learn how IBM customer analytics solutions can provide your organization with critical insight into your vast quantities of data so you can better understand your customers, what each values, which products and services to offer – all while driving profitable growth and competitive differentiation.

Session Abstracts

Big Data and Analytics in Financial Services: Extracting Value from Uncertain Data
Speaker: Marc Andrews

Big data is especially promising and differentiating for financial services companies. With no physical products to manufacture, data - the source of information - is arguably one of the most important assets. The business of banking, insurance and financial markets is rife with transactions, conducting hundreds of millions daily, resulting in the industry's immense and growing ocean of data. So the question remains - how, in a consumer-powered economy, can financial service companies harvest and leverage this information to gain a competitive advantage?

This session will look at how banks and insurance companies are harvesting big data and infusing analytics into their customer focused value chain to optimize customer relationships and engagements, anticipate trends, and respond quickly to changing conditions. The session will discuss how, with insight into existing and new sources of customer intelligence, firms can gain a comprehensive understanding of markets, customers, channels, products, regulations, competitors, suppliers, employees and more.

Learn how to use big data and analytics to make smarter predictions about your customers’ needs and behaviors so you can drive customer loyalty, advocacy, and retention.

Panel Discussion: Putting the Customer First, with Analytics
Moderator: Penny Crosman
Panelists: Matt Fowler, Judith Hurwitz, Keith Kerver

Meeting customer expectations with quality products and convenient services requires financial services companies to understand their customers better than ever. At the same time, they must manage costs and efficiencies like never before while appreciating their competition and the increased complexities of today’s financial services marketplace.

Attend this panel discussion and hear directly how leading institutions are using customer analytics to:

Transforming Customer Relationships with Social Media Analytics
Speaker: Michael Madarasz

Bankers and Insurance might wonder what if you could get insight into the billions of social media posts – blogs, conversations, reviews, comments in forums or chat rooms -- and identify those that affect your business? What if you could capture and analyze those conversations and use them to optimize your business decisions?

Social analytics provides the answer. Attend this session and learn how your bank can transform customer relationships by using analytics to actively incorporate insights gained from social media to drive engagement, loyalty and sales. See how with analytics you can:

Use analytics to gain insight into social media to validate business decisions, direct investment in marketing and product development, understand your audiences, get to the root cause and discover new ideas or opportunities. Do more than just listen.

Analytics in Banking: Measure and Manage Customer Profitability
Speaker: Owen Kimber

By understanding who your most valuable customers are, what they want, and how they will behave in the future, banks can better and more cost-effectively meet their needs. More importantly, banks can use those insights to better measure and manage profitability.

Attend this session and see a demostration of Social Media analytics and Customer Profitability and Pricing Analytics.

Learn how you can use these solutions to

Analytics in Insurance: Retaining and Growing Your Customer Base
Speaker: Craig Bedell

To succeed in today’s volatile marketplace, insurance companies can’t afford to retain every customer at any cost. But insurers who fall behind on growing and extending the relationship with their best policy holders waste time, money and opportunity.

Attend this session and see a demonstration of the Customer retention and Growth, and producter analytics and Optimization solutions.

Learn how your agency can use analytics can optimize customer conversations to drive profitability, by:

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