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Business Leadership Program: Buy: Sessions for Supply Chain, Procurement and B2B Integration professionals

Session TitleAbstract
Driving Enterprise Value with a World-Class Supply ChainYour ability to meet the demands of customers depends on your ability to procure the materials and services needed to deliver on customers’ expectations. A world class supply chain also provides the visibility to identify new opportunities and the agility to leverage them to grow your business and drive shareholder value. This session will discuss what a world-class supply chain looks like, and how you can build one.
CPO Challenge: Manage and MeasureProcurement executives are challenged with managing global teams and driving high levels of performance and continuous improvement. Those who succeed drive value for their companies and, ultimately, their customers. In this session, you’ll hear from a panel of top Procurement Executives who will share how they manage global savings programs and assure teams meet or beat their performance goals year over year.
External Speakers: Lance Mackridge, Anglo American PLC; Edwin Stokkermans, Thomson Reuters
How Smarter Commerce Source to Pay Pays OffWhether it’s driven by fragmented, non-standard processes, limited integration of IT systems, or poor spend visibility and process insight, companies with underperforming source-to-pay processes are leaving money on the table. Come learn how top companies combine advanced analytics and integrated technologies with deep expertise and continuous process innovation to realize greater financial reward and compliance across source-to-pay processes.
Danone Uses Value Chain Synchronization on the Cloud to Accelerate Supplier & Partner EngagementMost companies have achieved significant supplier and partner integration, but Smarter Commerce demands a step change in the breadth and depth of your supplier integration capabilities. Synchronizing your supply chain for Smarter Commerce requires more information to be shared more rapidly and across more channels than ever before. Learn how Danone is using the cloud to synchronize their supply chain to deliver improved customer satisfaction, grow market share and realize increased profitability.
External Speaker: Hans Vollebregt, Danone
Using the Cloud to Transform Your Value Chain Through Global Supply Chain VisibilityChanging global conditions, competitive forces, and empowered customers are all forcing companies and suppliers to elevate their performance across the supply chain. In this session you will learn from IBM Global Business Services how to exceed customer expectations using the cloud and how doing so can accelerate the response to market dynamics and change the game with your supply chain. This session discusses how to approach streamlining cross-channel fulfillment in order to transform the order to cash process, presented through customer case studies that tackle the associated benefits and how to work through the challenges. You will also learn how the cloud delivers supply chain visibility across global partners, which makes disparate, labor intensive software applications and manual processes a thing of the past.
Philips Consumer Lifestyle: Differentiating and Driving the Value Chain with AnalyticsWhat if you could predict when supply chain disruptions will occur, ensure the right product is on the shelf at the right time, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction? Learn how Philips Consumer Products leverages collaborative, forward-looking demand planning and analytics to differentiate themselves from competition. You’ll also discover the growing role analytics plays in evolving every aspect of your supply chain.
External Speaker: Eelco van den Akker, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
The Supply Chain Revolution: Learn How Bayer Technology Uses Optimization to Manage & Leverage InformationIs 'smart computing' driven by advanced analytics the next major wave of innovation in technology? Learn how IBM customers are using ILOG Optimization solutions to put the 'smart' in Smarter Commerce and making more intelligent supply chain decisions. By building optimal distribution networks and inventory placements, these companies are reaping the benefits of a more competitive and agile supply chain, resulting in better margins and profits. Join this session and learn how you can do the same.
External Speaker: Dr. Georg Mogk, Bayer Technology Services
Roundtable: Building Your Business Case for Smarter Commerce Supply Chain InitiativesImplementing Smarter Commerce initiatives in your supply chain requires a strong business case. What will be the impact on your company’s resources and bottom line, and what are the benefits? In this session you'll hear a panel of business leaders share best practices, insights and lessons learned on how to build a business case for integrating Smarter Commerce Supply Chain initiatives.
External Speakers: John Nugent, Irish Dairy Board; Eelco van den Akker, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Maximize financial performance and optimize commercial risk with Emptoris SolutionsWith its powerful strategic supply, category spend and contract management solutions, Emptoris delivers the high-level vision companies need. Emptoris Solutions CEO, Patrick Quirk and Head of Product Strategy, Management and Development, Terrence Curley, share the latest trends in strategic supply management and how Emptoris solutions are enabling significant results.
Controlling the Contract Process - Hear from Anglo American on 5 Strategies to Minimize Your Organization's Risk ProfileThe contract is the single most important document for controlling the relationship between your company and external parties. Obligations and liabilities found within it build the risk profile of your business. You need to be able to control commitments made by all stakeholders in your organization to manage risk and maximize contract value. Additionally, to ensure compliance and accelerate time to closure, your sales organization needs to manage their sales contracts throughout the contract lifecycle. Companies with strong contracts and contract management are more likely to capture revenue opportunities, have better supplier and vendor relationships and actively enforce compliance and mitigate risks. Join this session to see how effective contract management delivers straight to the bottom-line.
External Speakers: Lance Mackridge, Anglo American PLC
Capture Commerce “Content” at the “Points of Entry” to Reduce Cost, Process Inefficiency and RiskDespite the advances achieved in electronic commerce, many organizations continue to depend upon paper documents that define business agreements, confirm deliver of goods and services and document transaction details. Invoices, proofs of delivery, customer orders, bills of materials, and dozens of other paper-based transactional documents hamper organizational efficiency. The IBM document capture portfolio offers distributed thin client capture to meet the needs of widely distributed organizations and advanced capture automation to optimize processing and increase the accuracy of converting paper into an electronic format that significantly increases processing efficiency and greatly reduces the cost and risk of managing paper documents. This session will review key applications of capture capabilities and provide specific examples of how customers have achieved quantifiable return on investment.
Business Analytics Experience WorkshopThis 1 hour Business Analytics Experience Workshops places senior finance and IT professionals into executive roles in a fictitious company. Workshop attendees will learn from a business simulation of meeting aggressive revenue targets, all while learning to use business analytics tools to make business decision-making easier. Workshop attendees will learn how to use business analytics tools to: - Establish a business plan - Weigh different options - Assess impacts - Make better decisions - Understand the outcomes

Business Leadership Program: Sell & Service: Sessions for e-commerce, order to delivery and customer service professionals

Session TitleAbstract
Creating Happy Customers with Positive Cross-Channel Retail Experience Businesses are facing an increasingly complex, multi-channel environment. They must create efficiencies across all facets of retail; from save-the-sale to supplier integration. Learn how a leading retailer kept their commitment to customer satisfaction by delivering the ability to shop across channels while expanding product selections, reducing out-of-stocks and ensuring shoppers always get what they want, when they want it.
Developing Strong Customer Engagement through Effective Cross-Channel Customer Experience: Lessons from Bouygues TelecomCustomer-centric companies recognize cross-channel selling and fulfillment initiatives will drive sales across all channels. Learn how a leading communications company fosters customer engagement and boosts sales by delivering a cross-channel customer experience and complementing web initiatives with web-to-store, web-to-call, web-to-chat and mobile commerce sites.
External Speaker: Pierre Schaller, Bouygues Telecom
A Study in Driving Business Growth by Enabling an Online Channel for B2B and B2C EcommerceManufacturers who sell direct to consumers are one of the fastest growing online retail categories. But this model requires dedicated attention to a variety of moving pieces. Learn how a leading consumer products manufacturer balances direct selling and multi-tier distribution with a single ecommerce platform for B2B and B2C to fuel business growth through global expansion.
By the Book: KNV Delivers a Successful Cross-Channel B2B Customer Experience for Retail ChannelsB2B ecommerce has morphed from facilitating basic online transactions to tailoring individualized online experiences. B2B buyers expect a consistent, personalized experience across web, social, mobile, call center and in-store channels. Learn how a leading B2B book wholesaler and distributor successfully implemented a cross-channel strategy across its web site, online shops, social media platforms, and in thousands of bookstores.
External Speakers: Daniel Malhotra, Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH; Hansjörg Allstädt, Sapient
Making Smarter Commerce Mobile: Strategy and Trends of Mobile CommerceMobile technologies are transforming businesses everywhere, and having an especially profound impact on all aspects of the commerce experience. From the ability for customers to browse and shop anywhere with a smartphone or tablet or employees using a mobile device to handle customer inquiries and requests, the mobile revolution is changing commerce. Businesses can provide a dramatically better experience to their customers, employees, and partners by efficiently exploiting mobile technologies; however, there are significant challenges with a rapidly changing landscape, fragmented technologies, and concerns about privacy and security. This session will review the latest trends in the mobile market, and the opportunities for businesses to exploit mobile commerce. We will then outline IBMs mobile commerce strategy, and the latest IBM developments, acquisitions, and research in mobility as it applies to Smarter Commerce.
Resolving Complex Customer Service Requests with IBM Case ManagerComplex customer service requirements demand a shared services architecture to efficiently process and resolve service requests, incidents and investigations. IBM Case Manager (ICM) delivers collaboration, content management, process management, business rules and analytics, all to speed time to value for solution design and delivery. Join this session for an overview of ICM’s next generation capabilities, including adaptive case handling and advanced analytics to derive insight from customer service patterns.
Leveraging Mobile Trends to Transform Customer RelationshipsMobile is here to stay, and it offers truly disruptive innovation possibilities for building stronger customer relationships. Join this session as we explore the innovation opportunities mobile offers and discuss their true business impact and value.
How VistaLogix Transforms Global Transportation Management with Cloud-Based Technology Rising costs and customer demand have pushed many domestic supply chains global. With the increasing number of shipments flowing across borders and supply chain complexity, today’s global supply chains require fast, responsive, dependable transportation management. Discover how a leading third-party logistics provider delivers cost-effective, responsive global transportation management through the cloud.
External Speaker: Mike Skinner, VistaLogix
Keys to Accelerate Customer Value with the CloudCloud technology enables better engagement with employees, customers and extended communities. This means organizations can build a permanent connection to their brand, innovate with speed and efficiency, and drive sales and profitability, all while increasing customer value. Join us and learn how to accelerate customer value and maximize ROI by using the cloud to reduce time to market and deliver innovation faster.
Driving Value Across the Mobile Business Enterprise CIOs are driving mobile strategies to meet the needs of customers and employees while enabling the organization to build, connect, manage and secure the mobile enterprise. In this session, Bob Sutor will discuss his views on the foundational needs of enterprises for a mobile application platform, mobile device management, and security along with comments on how IBM can help you take advantage of big data within a mobile enterprise and as part of your smarter commerce approach.
Whirlpool - A New Approach to Retail Marketing in Europe Enabled by eCommerceThe session will focus on Whirlpool's evolution from a traditional B2B approach (typical of a CP wholesale company) toward more customer focus strategy, and how their Websphere Commerce v7 platform has been a key factor enabling this change across marketing and sales business processes and governance of their new channel and technology. Highlights on the next steps of the project and ideas for future evolutions toward customer focus in this new channel with best of bread framework will be discussed.
External Speaker: Jaques Leroy, Whirlpool
PC vs Tablet - How should multi-channel / omni channel retailers like DFS respond to the differences between the devices and their usage by consumersOne of the most pressing questions for today’s multi-channel businesses is how to respond to the rapid consumer adoption of new devices like tablets. This session looks at traditional approaches to customer experience design and how these will need to change. It explores the differences between desktops and tablets and how these affect the online customer experience. The speakers draw on their extensive experience to examine the challenges of applying emerging web design approaches to eCommerce sites and propose an innovative approach to delivering a great customer experience. The session ends with a look at some examples of good practice in this exciting and rapidly evolving area.
Accelerating international growth for KRAMP Groep B.V. by intelligent E-Business and outstanding product informationLooking at a world that is changing faster all the time because Internet, it is essential for all businesses to keep focus on the consequences for your position in the supply chain; stay up-to-date with the offered added value. Offering the right assortment at the right time to the right person is one of the main aspects of success. Kramp is continuously monitoring the market and its developments to stay aligned. A strong combination of IBM WebSphere Commerce and Heiler PIM is the fundament on which we build and extend our online position in both existing and new markets.

Business Leadership Program: Industry: Sessions focused on Smarter Commerce approaches for your industry

Session TitleAbstract
Leveraging Smarter Commerce to Reduce Supply Chain Risk: Successes from Irish Dairy Board and BayerToday’s consumer product firms manage fast-moving supply chains with complex distribution networks and increasing outsourced manufacturing. Discover how IBM’s Smarter Commerce integrated capabilities can help you achieve high levels of product availability and a lean supply chain. And, see how Irish Dairy Board and Bayer are optimizing investments in volatile markets worldwide, fostering collaboration to improve supplier performance and creating advanced community management for greater visibility and connectivity with trading partners.
External Speakers: John Nugent, Irish Dairy Board; Dr. Georg Mogk, Bayer Technology Services
Consumer Product Manufacturers Build Life-Long Relationships with ConsumersToday's consumer products manufacturers must forge deeper connections with end consumers, not just retailers or distributors. This session explores how leading consumer-based manufacturers gain deeper insights into their customers behaviors; what they are looking for, where they are looking and what they are saying. You will also see Smarter Commerce in action and learn how marketing business analytics delivers higher conversion rates and improved brand loyalty.
The Dannon Company Delivers Five Tips to Improve Your Competitive Edge with Smarter Trade Promotions Making optimal price and trade promotion decisions is critical to the success of consumer products companies. Even a small pricing edge can mean a significant win in market share. The Dannon Company recognized this reality and set out to transform their approach. This session examines how they are aligning people, processes and technology to optimize their trade planning decisions and identify which approaches work. You'll also learn how to apply these lessons to your own business for success
External Speaker: Jeremie Davis, The Dannon Company
How Siemens Reduces Supplier Risk and Manages SpendThe electronics industry as well as diversified industrial companies have some of the most complex supply chains of any industry. With very large, global and multi-tiered ecosystems of trading partners they also have a high rate of product innovation where the products themselves are highly complex. Join this session as we identify and examine how to optimize supplier evaluations, improve spend management, increase supply chain sustainability and manage the end-to-end supplier lifecycle.
External Speakers: Rainer Gerl, Siemens AG
Social Media and Digital Marketing: Three Reasons Electronic Manufacturers Should Pay AttentionIn an ever-changing slate of products and customer priorities, the challenge for electronics companies is to parallel track revenue growth in mature and emerging markets. Customers are increasingly empowered with knowledge and options, and they are not afraid to stand up as brand advocates...or detractors. Join us as we examine social and digital marketing and discuss three capabilities that will help you leverage these trends to transform the way you market to all customer groups.
External Speakers: Jochen Dybus, Panasonic
Industry Study: Transforming Sales and Service to Increase Revenue and Customer LoyaltyAnymore, it's not the device you sell that matters as much as the connected device. Whether you sell to end consumers or to other businesses, the ability to offer applications, device management and services opens up a tremendous source of revenue growth and a path for strategic differentiation. Join this session and discover how you can deploy the latest solutions and best practices to achieve this outcome for your organization.
External Speaker: Werner Büker, SMA Solar
Responding to Industry Imperatives to Drive Financial Services Growth and DifferentiationCurrent marketplace forces present a challenging combination that is unlike any that financial services organisations have seen for many decades. Many economies are recovering poorly from recession. Growth is minimal. Returns on savings and monetary investments are very low, and for many consumers, disposable income is under great pressure. Consumer trust in the financial services industry remains extremely low. Consumer behavior has changed, and continues to change on an unprecedented scale. At the same time, initiatives and resources that might be applied to combat these trends are necessarily diverted by continuing obligation to comply with industry regulation. This session examines the imperatives that financial services companies must engage to re-establish and sustain business development and profitability.
Promoting Financial Services Products: Right Target, Time, Place and ROI!Across all industries, marketing today requires an in-depth understanding of customers’ behavior. For financial services organizations, having more ways to communicate with customers is a good thing. But the social media explosion has made it harder to determine where and how to most profitably commit marketing resources. Leading organizations are combining a granular understanding of the needs of customer segments with real operating data to optimize their marketing spend. In this session you’ll see how you can take a page from financial services companies that are maximizing their return on marketing investment through new market analysis techniques.
External Speaker: Martin de Lusenet, ING
Personalized marketing and service: Next best action in sales and marketing in Financial ServicesInstitutions in the Financial Services industry today are fighting to win the loyalty and confidence of each customer. However, many of the CMOs believe they are not taking enough advantage of customer-initiated interactions to create personalized action plan for each "segment of one". This session will focus on examples of how organizations deliver personalized value in real-time, and how this positively affects performance measured by customer win-back and retention rates and customer satisfaction.
The Five Most Important Actions For Retailers To Survive The Consumer-Driven Industry Transformation2011 marked a pivotal transition in Retail, and 2012 promises even more transformations. Where should retailers focus in the coming months to ensure that they can keep up with the rapid rate of omni-channel consumer-driven change? How will retailers make sure that they don't overlook key opportunities and risks to protect profitability and drive growth? What are the required changes at a process, technology, and strategy level? Learn how the Retail business transformation model paints a clear picture for critical areas of action going forward.
What Consumers Want: Game-Changing Insights From the IBV 2012 Consumer StudyIBM's Institute for Business Value (IBV) conducted a global consumer survey that revealed essential insights into today's newly-empowered consumer. Discover the most pivotal findings from the study, learn how consumer expectations and behavior are changing, and understand how Retail will fundamentally change as a result.
Smarter Commerce in Action: A Proactive Retail PerspectiveWhat does Smarter Commerce mean to retailers? How does a Smarter Commerce strategy reposition a retailer for success? What role does it play in redefining the retailer/consumer brand relationship? How does it contribute to operational efficiency and improved asset utilization? And, how can you begin to formulate your Smarter Commerce strategy? A 29-year Retail industry veteran discusses how leading global retailers are applying Smarter Commerce strategies to their businesses and how you can do the same.
The Path to Automotive Retail TransformationThe Automotive retail space is on the verge of rapid change. Consumers today are highly connected and exerting greater degrees of purchasing power while their habits for buying are changing as well. Automakers are also working to expand their reach and interact with customers more directly than ever before. The industry is navigating a complex digital maze to achieve greater levels of customer intimacy to understand customer wants and establish greater loyalty. As social media dominates the global conversation, connected vehicles are becoming reality and new channels are available for products and services. IBM's Institute for Business Value is releasing a new study examining issues that are transforming the automotive retail experience. This session will focus on new ways to understand consumers, reach them and connect with them as well as how to differentiate product and services offerings to step out from an increasingly commoditized marketplace.
How Lenovo is Reducing Supply Chain Spend and Cycle Times by Creating A World Class Supply Chain Commerce PlatformWhether they are consumers or businesses, customers today increasingly are empowered with nearly unlimited access to information, which can be shared instantly around the world. They are likely to want transparency and simplicity in how they order. And these expectations have significant implications for how manufacturers run their supply chains. In this session you will hear how companies such as Lenovo have built a unified foundation to connect and collaborate with their customers, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics service providers, pursuing an IBM Smarter Commerce approach. The benefits of this approach are tangible, as Lenovo has already achieved annual cost savings of about $1M in freight and inventory management, reduced their time to onboard new trading partners by 85% and improved visibility of their end to end supply chain.
External Speaker: David Gillon, Lenovo

Practitioner Program: Buy: Sessions for Supply Chain, Procurement and B2B Integration practitioners

Session TitleAbstract
On the Same Page: Using IBM B2B to Unify Partners and Processes With the right tools in place, comprehensive, end-to-end integration is possible for companies that want to improve the efficiency of business transactions across complex business communities and internal systems. Hear how a customer successfully combined B2B solutions with ESB solutions to extend business processes outside the enterprise.
Trend Study: Irish Dairy Board enables Smarter Commerce with B2BYour business is complex, your supply chains are global and your integration challenges are multifaceted. In this session, we'll discuss emerging trends in B2B and how your organization can prepare for these trends. You'll also hear how one customer is leveraging IBM B2B Integration solutions to connect, collaborate and automate transactions across their entire community.
External Speaker: John Nugent, Irish Dairy Board
Universal Transformation: WebSphere TX with Sterling B2B IntegratorWebSphere TX maps are portable across a diverse set of runtime environments. Now, IBM introduces its newest WebSphere TX enabled platform in Sterling B2B Integrator. Join us for an in-depth look at WebSphere TX and Sterling B2B Integrator and discover why, when and how to host WebSphere TX maps in Sterling B2B Integrator Business Processes to create end to end B2B Gateways for EDI processing.
Understanding IBM's Strategic Directions on B2B and TransformationIBM offers several solutions that provide transformation and B2B translation capabilities. Join us and be among the first to learn more about the future direction that IBM plans to pursue with these solutions, and its commitment to existing products and customers.
One-on-One with IBM's B2B Integration Solutions TeamHave you ever wanted to bend the ears of IBM's B2B and Transformation architects? Come to this session for an interactive discussion with our product management, engineering and services experts who can help you maximize your return on investment. Exchange tips and tricks, voice your opinions about the evolution of B2B Integrator and WebSphere TX and see how your peers are using Gentran to address their EDI processing needs.
Addressing European & Global Financial Messaging Trends and Regulatory Mandates The world may be getting smaller, but the domain of financial messaging standards to be conquered still looms large. EBICS is gaining traction. Payments, securities, insurance, financial supply chain and the like are complex processes that must be addressed. Join this session as we examine how the B2B Integration offerings in Smarter Commerce can help simplify this complex issue.
Improving Yield in the High-Tech Supply Chain with Managed File TransferWithout a Smarter Commerce strategy focused on supplier integration and synchronization, global high-tech manufacturers cannot anticipate supplier needs or satisfy their integration requirements. Learn how IBM Sterling File Gateway reduces the time to receive and process high volumes of supplier production yield data and optimizes operational processes to monitor this data. Also discover how suppliers share sensitive, time-critical production data in a reliable, secure manner to improve the ability to analyze results and modify the production process.
Expand Your Community and Capacity with Rapid Partner OnboardingGaining a competitive edge or demonstrating the revenue potential of a new product often requires quickly assembling a critical mass of customers. And launching that new product means quick enablement of key suppliers who are ready to keep pace. Learn how rapid onboarding of new trading partners in a global environment gives you the tools you need to shorten time to revenue, build an effective, efficient supplier community and increase competiveness.
IBM Managed File Transfer Strategy: The Answer to Digital Universe ChallengesExplosive growth in the number and size of files, as well as expanded Smarter Commerce file transfer use cases, have created significant new opportunities for IBM's Managed File Transfer portfolio. Join this session to discover more about these trends and hear about IBM's new product capabilities designed to help you stay ahead of the curve.
IBM Managed File Transfer provides Barclays a Solid Foundation to Grow On Many organizations find out too late that growth requires more than a theoretical strategy. What looks good on paper may not play out in real life, so you need a solid technical foundation to make new connections to enable the flow of critical business information. In this session Peter McHugh will share how Barclays leverages a file movement solution to onboard new connections and enable phenomenal growth.
External Speaker: Peter McHugh, Barclay's Bank
Join the Conversation: Best Practices for Managed File TransferManaged File Transfer (MFT) is a business-critical service for moving data inside and outside your organization. Best practices can help you improve service levels, lower operational risk and satisfy the most complex regulatory requirements. This interactive discussion examines implementation and operational experiences across the IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer products. Share your experiences, bring your questions to the experts and learn to maximize your return on investment.
How KBC simplified Large-Scale File Transfer DeploymentsWith the increasing requirements for file exchange, the growth of file transfer networks creates a management challenge. Jan Van Gemert from KBC will share best practices for coordinating an enterprise Managed File Transfer deployment and leveraging IBM Sterling Control Center as a central console to easily configure and manage a large-scale IBM Sterling Connect:Direct network.
External Speaker: Jan Van Gemert, KBC
How to Attain Visibility of End-to-End Business TransactionsAchieving visibility of end-to-end business transactions across different integration components is critical to success. This session will cover building "Where's My File" dashboards with IBM Business Monitor that include Connect:Direct and Sterling File Gateway. You will also discover tips and tricks to include MQ FTE in the transaction visibility.
Transform Transportation Execution and Carrier Performance with SaaS TMS TMS is the work horse of transportation planning and execution. Learn how savvy shippers and carriers are using IBM's SaaS TMS solution to optimize orders to create the best shipment plans, tender to carriers, get status updates and pay the freight bill. You will also discover how virtually every aspect of the transportation planning and execution process can be automated, resulting in increased efficiencies and visibility and reduced transportation costs.
Will become additional Emptoris session. Old session title was: Improve Supplier Performance with Real Time Compliance FeedbackWill become additional Emptoris session. Old session Abstract was: Suppliers who don't follow your compliance guidelines can be a real liability to your business; increasing shipping and handling costs and delaying the movement of goods in your supply chain. Learn how our Vendor Compliance solution detects noncompliant events, calculates chargebacks, and communicates issues to suppliers in real time to seamlessly improve supplier performance and reliability.
Closing the Loop on Transportation Strategy, Spend Management, and ExecutionEnd-to-end transportation management starts with the right supply chain strategy and continues through spend management to execution and compliance. In this session you’ll learn how to leverage our solutions to establish every aspect of your supply chain strategy; network design, route optimization, fleet sizing and mode selection. Then, learn how to feed that strategy into spend analysis, carrier bidding and contract set-up. Finally, you'll close the loop with transportation execution, auditing and payment.
Enabling inventory target setting across a multi-echelon/enterprise supply chain networkClosed-Loop Dynamic Inventory Optimization is a core process that regularly tunes policies across the supply chain to closely align inventory with changing conditions. Learn how IBM customers are using ILOG Inventory and Product Flow Analyst (IPFA) to ensure the right products are in front of customers at the right time. You’ll also see how IPFA seamlessly integrates with internal ERP data and planning workflows.
Redefining Warehouse Replenishment with IBM OptimizationLearn how one of the world's largest retailers reinvented its warehouse replenishment process with IBM Optimization. A platform-based optimization solution is customized to allow planners across the supply chain network to plan product re-orders and to run what-if analysis to make process improvements or to manage supply chain disruptions. See how this solution can work for you to generate the best orders while taking into account forecast, inventory, fleet size and schedules, storage capacity or stock-out costs and other critical supply chain considerations.
Inside Scoop: Examining IBM's Supply Chain Roadmap and StrategyWhen all participants are aligned, the interconnected supply chain can cost-effectively keep supply and demand in balance; but volatility is on the rise. Join us as we discuss our strategy to deliver solutions that effectively manage global volatility, optimize your supply chain network, create an inventory and logistics strategy, execute global logistics, detect risks early and help you react quickly to avoid inventory issues and lost sales.
Electricity Market Modeling at Red EléctricaREE developed an optimization tool to generate a least-cost generation schedule in Spain’s isolated electric systems. This tool is used to simulate both Spain's mainland electric system future behavior as well as Europe's global system. It allows estimation of the technical impact and the economic benefits of different measures such as the installation of new interconnections, European supply security, energy transits among countries or the integration of RES.
External Speakers: Javier Revuelta & Mustafa Pezic, Red Electric de España
How ABB Manages Proactive versus Reactive Risk ManagementToday, more than 50% of a company’s operations are outsourced. While this may decrease costs, it can prove to be a logistical nightmare. Learn how leading companies are avoiding interruption of supply, loss of property, brand damage and poor performance by mitigating supplier risk before it happens.
External Speakers: Amit Bhatt & Oliver Lawrenz, ABB
Taming Mobile Expenses Doing business today means doing business anywhere; and that requires mobile solutions. But with the explosive growth of mobile devices and their complex rate plans across the corporate world, companies are faced with less control and skyrocketing costs. Learn how companies like yours have regained control over their mobile expenses and realized significant savings in the process.
The One-Two Punch of Strategic Supply Management and ERPERP providers deliver tremendous value, managing and monitoring the massive flow of transactions within a company. Strategic Supply Management solutions are built to leverage these transactions and ERP infrastructure to deliver savings multiples and greatly extend the value of ERP. Learn how leading companies are using these solutions together to heighten their performance.
Small Partner Integration: The Last Mile of Integration with Powerful Business UpsideWhile B2B has become a pervasive global technology, over 30% of the average supply chain is still paper and based on small businesses; a trend that will increase as markets move into developing countries. Learn how to develop a partner strategy that includes enabling and engaging these trading partners while achieving a strong ROI and quickly recouping your investment.
Adapting a B2B Hybrid Model to Achieve Business DifferentiationMaintaining cost competitiveness means driving high-level efficiency in the supply chain while balancing strong client relationships. Using a hybrid infrastructure model allows companies to focus on their biggest areas of competitive differentiation while ensuring efficient coverage of the entire partner community. Learn how you can apply this model to your business to realize efficiency and competitive gains that will move you a step ahead.
Control Your Costs by Linking B2B and Spending AnalyticsCapturing supplier transactions is the first step in recognizing and managing spending trends. Companies can then eliminate rogue or out-of-standard buying habits, create better processes for future spending and save millions of dollars in the process. Learn how IBM can help you capture your purchasing transactions and deliver powerful analytics designed to reduce your internal costs.
Collaboration in the Cloud for Better Customer ServiceReal-time supply chain integration is the key to providing your customers with superior service, preserving your brand and nurturing lifelong loyalty. Learn how real-time transactions are being used in the cloud to help companies deliver on their brand promise time and time again.
B2B Integration Portfolio Strategy and Directions Smarter Commerce starts with customer insight, but execution depends on synchronization of your value chain, and synchronization relies on a strong B2B integration capability. IBM's B2B and MFT solutions deliver the capabilities you need to efficiently connect, collaborate and automate across your business communities, on-premise or in the cloud. Join us to hear IBM's vision for advancing these solutions to meet the growing needs of your global enterprise.

Practitioner Program: Sell & Service: Sessions for e-commerce, order to delivery and customer service practitioners

Session TitleAbstract
What's New in IBM WebSphere CommerceIBM is always evolving and innovating for your benefit. Join us for a look at the recent additions and improvements made to WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 3 (June 2011), Feature Pack 4 (Dec 2011) and Feature Pack 5 (announced Apr 2012). This session explores exciting enhancements in mobile, social and location features as well as integration with Sterling Configurator and Sterling Order Management.
EU Privacy Guidelines for Online Commerce: An Interactive Discussion in ComplianceIf you're selling anything online in Europe, this session is for you. We'll cover the state of the new EU Privacy guidelines and describe some of the options available within IBM WebSphere Commerce to help you formulate a compliance strategy. Learn from your peers as you share insight and knowledge of country-specific regulations as well as your plans for compliance.
External Speaker: Lawrence Shaw, Cookie Reports
Does Your Cross-Channel Selling Solution Include Mobile? Dahl's Does!Smarter shoppers today expect a consistent cross-channel experience, including mobile. Come to this session and learn how to meet those expectations with WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 4, which provides a comprehensive cross-channel view of the customer, catalog, shopping cart and orders. You'll also get a real-world review of Dahl’s plans to use WebSphere Commerce to power their mobile solution.
External Speaker: Jonas Widegren, Dahl
Empower Direct Sellers’ Performance through Sterling CPQHow do you enable your sales organization to close business while ensuring deals are profitable and can be shipped? IBM Configure Price Quote unifies opportunity management with a configured quote experience while driving analytics into the quoting process. This session demonstrates how IBM's solution grows with you and deploys on cloud or on premise. We'll also examine how IBM Configure Price Quote completely transformed a customer's direct sales force.
Understanding and Implementing Search-Driven Commerce (with Dahl Case Study)With over 90% of shopping experience beginning with site search, optimizing the search experience (SX) is clearly critical to the success of any ecommerce site. Leveraging search behavior also provides an opportunity to respond with your best products and offers. This session examines IBM Commerce platform's ability to optimize the SX and highlights how marketers can exploit search-driven merchandising to maximize conversion. We'll also explore how Dahl has benefited from WebSphere Commerce Search.
External Speaker: Jonas Widegren, Dahl
Location, Location, Location: Taking Advantage of Location-Based ServicesIf you knew where your online shoppers were at this moment, would you market to them differently? WebSphere Commerce V7 Feature Pack 4 provides new location-based services that let marketing managers see a shopper’s location and set rules to tailor the shopping experience. This session reveals the location-based services provided in WebSphere Commerce-powered desktop browser and mobile solutions, and new related capabilities available to marketing managers in the Precision Marketing tool. We'll also survey IBM's latest solutions that leverage augmented reality and mobile POS.
Advanced Catalog Management Exclusively for WebSphere CommerceTo be effective, detailed, consistent catalog information needs to be easily searchable and available cross-channel. Hear how you can leverage the power of IBM MDM Collaborative Edition (formerly IBM MDM Server for PIM) with WebSphere Commerce. We'll also share how customers are using IBM MDM Collaboration Edition to feed product information to IBM WebSphere Commerce, which helps shoppers find exactly what they are looking for.
Everything You Need to Know About Migrating to WebSphere Commerce V7 (with Additional Commentary from Novomind)If you are contemplating a move to WebSphere Commerce V7, this session is for you. Get familiar with the tools and guides available to make your migration faster and smoother. And, listen as speakers from IBM and Novomind share lessons and best practices from customers who have already migrated forward.
External Speaker: Helge Köhler, Novomind
Holiday 2012 – Are You Ready Yet?It's never too early to start planning for the next holiday ecommerce season. Meeting customer demand and nurturing brand loyalty means performance needs to be transformed into rock solid solutions, confirmed via expected shopper scenarios and load testing. Learn from holiday 2011 findings and discover how business users and IT can collaborate now for a successful 2012 ecommerce shopping season.
Successfully Selling Configurable Products/Services through WebSphere CommerceSuccessfully selling products is the main goal of ecommerce, and CSPs and financial services are also seeking new ways to maintain a close relationship with their consumers. See how this can be achieved by bundling offers in a selling environment that marries catalogs into a single, personalized offer to the consumer. The end result is a uniform representation of the brand through a guided selling experience.
Increasing Traffic from Searching Engines through SEOMost shoppers today find retailer sites through search engines. But while this tool is extremely important, it's also a drain on IT resources. This session shows how business users can leverage the new IBM WebSphere Commerce SEO tool to increase referral traffic from search engines. You'll discover how new business tooling enables you to make changes, experiment and optimize for SEO, leaving IT to spend its time elsewhere. We'll conclude with a look at how a leading company leverages WebSphere Commerce SEO.
Birds of a Feather: What's Unique about European Commerce?When it comes to ecommerce, one size and one solution does not necessarily fit all. In this forum we will look at unique European ecommerce requirements and their relative prioritization. Participants will be encouraged to share their challenges in conducting ecommerce business across Europe and reveal the solutions they have deployed.
Boost Sales and Customer Experience with WebSphere Commerce Precision MarketingDo you want to improve customer loyalty, grow average cart size, expand overall sales and increase conversion rates? This session will help you do exactly that as we cover best practices on how to use WebSphere Commerce's Precision Marketing and leverage Smarter Commerce integration with Coremetrics.
From Trend to Profit Center: Monetizing Social CommerceSocial network interaction is essential to a superior shopping experience. This session examines the tools and techniques that allow users to leverage social network friends while shopping and shows how businesses can use social behavior to improve customer loyalty and increase sales. We'll end with a look at how one customer has successfully integrated social networking into their IBM WebSphere Commerce environment.
What's New in IBM Sterling Order ManagementIBM’s Sterling Order Management is widely regarded as the gold standard, but we keep innovating. Learn how Order Management updates support IBM's Selling and Fulfillment vision to deliver solutions that manage demand, supply and fulfillment across any channel or business model with a platform that supports customer-centric interactions and orchestration of order and supply chain processes. We'll also review new features and reveal future directions.
From eCommerce to Cross-Channel Commerce: A Journey to SuccessMoving from ecommerce to cross-channel commerce means you must execute on the promise of buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere, both with cross-channel selling and cross-channel fulfillment. Learn how retailers have made cross-channel commerce a reality by combining the power of WebSphere Commerce and IBM Sterling Order Management to enable cross-channel selling and fulfillment.
Increasing Retail Store Revenue through Cross-Channel Selling and Fulfillment Want to eliminate lost sales from stockouts, increase inventory turns and reduce markdowns? Planning to use your stores as fulfillment centers for cross-channel orders? A yes answer means you need to come learn how companies like yours are using IBM Sterling Order Management to extend a seamless cross-channel selling and fulfillment experience in the retail store environment, resulting in cost reductions and increased store revenues.
How Cross-Channel Returns can Delight Customers and Reduce RiskThe ability to execute cross-channel returns is critical to satisfying customer expectations for a seamless experience. But most retailers' fragmented systems environment opens them to fraud, abuse and shrinkage. Learn how the reverse logistics capabilities of Sterling Order Management, including new returns business intelligence capabilities, allow companies to provide a consistent cross-channel returns process, mitigate risks and satisfy customers.
Keeping Your Promises: Optimizing Cross-Channel Orders in a Complex Supply ChainToday's successful companies must make promises to customers and make intelligent decisions about fulfilling orders across a complex supply chain. Join us and learn how IBM Sterling Order Management allows you to gain global inventory visibility and make optimal sourcing decisions based on business rules, cost and customer profiles. You’ll also see how the SOA architecture offers greater extensibility and visibility inside and outside the enterprise to source and promise inventory accurately.
World-Class Customer Service in the World of Cross-Channel Commerce A new generation of consumers are creating an accelerated pace of change in demands on customer service. Companies need a solution in their contact center that allows them to engage in a new conversation across channels. A smarter conversation that enables cross -channel selling and transactions that translate to increased customer loyalty. Learn how IBM is combining the power of Order Management, WebSphere Commerce and Genesys to empower customer service representatives to deliver on Smarter Commerce today, and its vision for the future.
External Speaker: Mike McBrien, Genesys Telecommunications Lab
Home Retail Group: A Look at Redefining Home Delivery with Order ManagementHome delivery services continue to increase in popularity, but execution is growing increasingly complex. Join us and learn about IBM Sterling Order Management's delivery and service scheduling capabilities, and how they are being leveraged by clients such as Home Retail Group to revolutionize and redefine the home delivery business.
External Speakers: Garry Tierney & Adrienne Smith, Home Retail Group
Master Multi-Enterprise Order Management Deployment with IBM Sterling Do you have multiple brands, divisions, or business units to serve in your commerce systems? Do you want to reduce TCO by managing them in one order management deployment? How do you create an environment where you can leverage what is common and still provide for differences? How can you upgrade individual brands at different times? Find the answers to these questions as you explore how IBM Sterling Order Management supports multi-enterprise deployment, and learn about new capabilities added to support multi-enterprise upgrades.
Fine-Tuning Order Management for Optimal Scalability and PerformanceHigh performance is as critical to your order management deployment as is capability. That's why the IBM Sterling Order Management system has been architected from the start to manage high volume environments and mitigate performance risk. Join this session and discover specific strategies for managing and optimizing your organization's performance within this system.
Order Management and PCI Compliance: What You Don't Know Can Hurt YouWhen it comes to order management deployment, security is as important as capabilities. Join this session to understand how the IBM Sterling Secure Data Capture Server, credit card vaults and tokenization tools can preserve your good name by addressing security risks, within a reduced PCI DSS auditing scope.
Find the “Voice of Your Customer” with IBM Content Analytics These days, the deeper your customer insight, the greater your opportunity for success. Discover how, by applying natural language processing (the same technology used by Watson!) to previously impenetrable data sources including e-mails, call logs and blogs, IBM Content Analytics delivers rapid customer insights to improve market understanding, sales and customer service. Customer case studies will also be examined to show how Content Analytics rounds out a comprehensive analytics strategy for commerce professionals.
Multi-Channel Marketing Mix Optimization You can Bank OnTo maximize limited budgets you need to carefully design and execute marketing campaigns. See how a major bank makes segmentation and execution decisions in order to up-sell products while optimizing each campaign. IBM ILOG Optimization satisfies all business requirements for the bank's campaigns while selecting optimal marketing actions. Marketing Campaign Optimization solutions gave them a key competitive advantage during an economic crisis, enabling them to maintain revenue and their competitive advantage by selling more.
Life on the Tracks: Optimization Methods at Netherlands Railways to Improve Profitability and Customer SatisfactionOperating on one of Europe's busiest railway networks, Netherlands Railways (NS) faced the challenge to facilitate more trains and passengers within its existing infrastructure footprint. See how advanced optimization tools enabled them to raise customer satisfaction, elevate train punctuality, improve train schedule efficiency and increase profits by 70 million euros annually. We'll also examine the latest developments at NS in order to bring intelligent decision support tools closer to real-time disruption management.
External Speaker: Dr. Gábor Mároti, Netherland Railways
Deploying Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in the Shipping IndustryOne of the world's largest shipping companies uses predictive and prescriptive analytic technology to maximize container movement efficiency and meet demand from worldwide customers. Forecast and optimization quality is critical to make relevant planning decisions for repositioning empty containers. This session shows how, through the capabilities of SPSS and IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise, empty container stock movement is driven by forecasted "demand imbalance” at the node level over different planning horizons.
How to Tame Correspondence Costs and Improve Customer ServiceCommerce generates volumes of receipts, statements, confirmations and correspondence. This session will explore how IBM’s Content Manager OnDemand capabilities capture, manage, retain and deliver business critical documents in a manner that reduces storage and distribution costs, enables more efficient customer service and complies with industry regulations. Customer case studies and models of potential cost savings will reveal details of implementations and the associated benefits.
Repsol: A Case Study in Achieving Best Service Through Optimization It's possible to successfully tackle new complex supply chain challenges with low investment and fast ROI, thanks to the evolution of computing technology and developments in the mathematical theory of optimization. Join us and hear how Repsol is leveraging the latest optimization innovations to service its 12 million customers.
External Speaker: Jorge Aguirre, REPSOL
Optimizing Employee Schedules to Boost Customer ServiceRepeat business is key to profitability in retail and quick serve restaurants. Achieving operational efficiency through optimally designed employee schedules can improve staffing requirements decisions that align with customer preferences. Join us and learn how state of the art optimization technology is enhancing employee and customer satisfaction. We will share real world scheduling stories and discuss how you can take into account sales, service and labor regulations to generate optimal staff schedules.
External Speaker: Jesselynn Mah, Knowledge Touch
Making Your Business Work Smarter with OptimizationCompanies across the globe are using optimization technology and solutions to increase ROI and achieve deeper insights into business efficiency and competitiveness. Join us to learn how optimization is being used across a spectrum of industries for strategic advantage, and how you can achieve the same results for your organization.
Leveraging WebSphere Commerce & Coremetrics to Achieve Successful E-Commerce Business at Office BrandsOffice Brands is a leading office product supplier in Australia with over 170 outlets employing 1130 people. Office Brands has a centralized e-commerce strategy employing IBM WebSphere Commerce. The platform supports Office Brands website with an EDI based gateway that links members to head office, customers and supplier systems. Each dealer gets their own personalized website offering tremendous flexibility. New customers choose their preferred local dealer and once established, all future transactions go to that dealer. Accurate reporting was required to manage the marketing program, determine and identify core revenue generation stream, customer preferences etc. Coremetrics has been deployed as a powerful analytics tool. Key Performance Indicators can now be defined and shown as dashboard enabling management to monitor them easily and effectively. Coremetrics allows Office Brands in-depth performance insight to their e-commerce channel.
Build, Connect, Manage and Secure Your Mobile BusinessMeet the needs of your customers and employees through rapid development of rich mobile applications for deployment across multiple platforms while ensuring secure management and connection of mobile devices, applications and data to existing back end systems. Join us for an engaging discussion with IBM experts to learn how IBM mobile solutions and services can help you meet the needs of your mobile business.