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Sponsorship Application

Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

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How to apply for a sponsorship
Sponsorship Packages are sold on a first-in, first-considered basis, as space permits. Your submitted completed application must include acceptance of both the Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations for Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014. Incomplete applications will be returned and only reconsidered when resubmitted.


Upon IBM's approval of your Application, you will receive a Confirmation e-mail, Invoice and Registration e-mail. The link to the Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Show Kit will be available March 1, 2014.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kristy Corcoran Wagner at or by phone at 312-265-9667.

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Sponsorship package

Platinum and Gold sponsorship packages are SOLD OUT
Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014 Sponsorships. If you would like additional details on pricing or Sponsorship packages click here.

If you have any questions, please contact: Kristy Corcoran Wagner

(only 1 Silver available)

Early Bird Price
(January 27, 2014 -
February 28, 2014)
Standard Price
(March 1, 2014 -
May 11, 2014)

(Invitee only sponsorship)

Product/Solution description

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Additional marketing promotions choices

Marketing promotion items are subject to availability at the time of submission. For additional information on these Marketing opportunities click here.
Business Partner Cafe Sponsorship
Includes: 3 Expo Passes
Qty: X $8,500

Includes: 3 Expo Passes and 1 Full Conference Pass
Qty: X $10,000

Qty: X $10,000

1 available each day of the conference
Qty: X $17,000

Submitted with a client prior to 2/26/14 ; subject to IBM approvals
Qty: X $12,000

Qty: X $25,000

in Pedestal
Qty: X $3,500

Limited to 1 piece per Company
Qty: X $7,500

Qty: X $10,000

Qty: X $17,000

Total amount


Terms and conditions / Rules and regulations

Agreement to Terms and conditions / Rules and regulations
If you disagree with the terms and conditions or rules and regulations, please contact Kristy Corcoran Wagner at or by phone at 312-265-9667 to discuss further.

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