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Technical tracks
 Business Process Management Enabled by SOA
 CICS and Enterprise Services
 Industry Services
 Information as a Service
 Infrastructure Security and Management
 Integration, Connectivity and ESB
 Process Integrity
 Service Development
 Service Oriented Architecture and Patterns
 Smart SOA Jumpstart
 User Interaction Services and Portal

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2892 - B2B Innovation with WebSphere Partner Gateway Version 6.1.1 Leveraging SOA and BPM
As we see multi-enterprise data, process and application integration needs are rapidly increasing hence B2B projects are growing. The IT users challenge is to consistently manage a B2B abstract layer in multi-enterprise integration environment to quickly support new, emerging and proliferating transport and communication protocols, standards, and integration technologies as required to support dynamic business needs. IT and Business need to align and innovate to integrate business processes across the value chain leveraging B2B, BPM and SOA as an enterprise platform. This session provides high level overview of B2B trends & new dimensions of B2B in reference to SOA & BPM and how IBM provides these capabilities via WebSphere Partner Gateway (WPG). Also you will explore new exciting features of WPG v6.1.1 including Integrated FTP Server, Very large file support over ASx, RosettaNet compression, enhanced security, performance improvements and new platform support.
Level: Beginner