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Technical tracks
 Business Process Management Enabled by SOA
 CICS and Enterprise Services
 Industry Services
 Information as a Service
 Infrastructure Security and Management
 Integration, Connectivity and ESB
 Process Integrity
 Service Development
 Service Oriented Architecture and Patterns
 Smart SOA Jumpstart
 User Interaction Services and Portal

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Industry Services

TIN-1383 - Enterprise Service Bus implementation: A telecommunications case study
Parvatina Rambabu, IBM, None, Alwyn Lobo, IBM, Information Management IT Architect, Industry Solutions,Telecom
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is the core of any service oriented architecture (SOA). ESB provides flexible solution to address a wide range of connectivity requirements for integrating services across the entire architecture. This session presents an ESB implementation case study taken from a large telecommunications customer. The session will discuss the major integration challenges encountered in this environment. Session attendees will benefit from the experience of designing, building, implementing, and deploying the ESB solution. Presenters will discuss the ESB deployment model in the customer environment, and share some best practices garnered and lessons learned while implementing the solution using IBM tools and technologies. Session attendees should possess a basic understanding of SOA and ESB. At the close of the session, attendees should take away a sound understanding of best practices in ESB implementation.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-1504 - Service oriented architecture and e-commerce
Darsh Khusial, IBM, WebSphere Commerce Lead Architect
In this session, attendees will learn how to apply service oriented architecture (SOA) patterns in an e-commerce environment to improve the flexibility and governance of back- and side-office integrations, as well as enable a consistent multi-channel user experience. Examples are drawn from SOA capabilities delivered by IBM WebSphere® Commerce Version 6 and the available WebSphere Commerce Feature Packs. Session attendees will also receive a glimpse into include directions for future product enhancements.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-1522 - Implementing SOA at Wachovia using WebSphere and System z
Thomas P. Parette, IBM, I/T Architect, Technical Advisor, Frank De Lellis, Wachovia, WebSphere Applications System z Manager
This session provides insight into Wachovias experience building and implementing SOA using WebSphere® on System z® at Wachovia, starting with the business perspectives, such as the key drivers and business objectives of the SOA solution. Next, the session will investigate the architectural process which led Wachovia to select System z as the deployment platform. Finally, the session will focus on the implementation experience and the current results, such as the transaction volumes and operational support models. Lastly, the session will discuss how specialty engines introduced a lowered cost profile for the implementation.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-1546 - Flexible SOA approach for telecommunications industry using Fabric Telecommunications pack
Marc Fiammante, IBM, DE, WW Chief Architect SOA Adtech
This session will demonstrate how WebSphere® Business Services Fabric and the Telco Operation pack deliver flexible business integration. It will first address SOA flexibility principles, then will dive into Fabric architecture to show how it delivers that flexibility, and finally will explore the Telco pack, explaining how the enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM), Shared Information and Data (SID) and Telecom Application Map (TAM) standards from the Telemanagement Forum are used to deliver the business semantics that are required for a true business context and content-based dynamic composition of SOA services.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-1742 - Improving the Online Experience: Building Next Generation Websites
Jeff Neumann, IBM, Product Manager, Web Content Management
Websites are increasingly becoming the storefronts of todays business. The need to deliver a highly dynamic, personalized web experience is more important than ever before. Come learn how IBM WebSphere Portal, Workplace Web Content Management, and WebSphere Commerce Server can be used in concert to build incredibly powerful websites that can have significant impacts on your business and enable you to interact more effectively with your customers.
Level: Beginner

TIN-1841 - SOA-based industry solutions
Ed Bryan, IBM, Dir, S/W Solutions for the Industrial Sector, Mark Lynch, IBM, Software Group Industry Solutions, Dave Noller, IBM, Mgr, Ind Solutions Dev
With escalating customer and partner expectations, intensifying competition and the shifting market conditions, companies are facing many new challenges today as they strive to become more flexible and agile to support changing business models. Unfortunately, many companies today have IT systems that are inflexible, antiquated, and that are difficult and expensive to maintain and support. Learn how IBM is extending the SOA Foundation to support open industry standards and solve industry specific business problems to address these issues. These solutions help companies drive broader and faster integration across the value chain and be more responsive to changing business models and needs. This session shows how and why to apply an SOA approach for product development and manufacturing through IBMs innovative Manufacturing Integration Framework (MIF) and Product Development Integration Framework (PDIF) solutions.
Level: Beginner

TIN-2209 - Healthcare insurance real-time architecture/electronic gateway at Aetna
Sunil Godbole, Aetna, Sr. Application Tech. Specialist, Thomas Garberina, Aetna, Application Tech. Specialist
IBM WebSphere® Transformation Extender (Universal Transformer) is the core transformation and transaction management engine at Aetna for the HIPAA and non-HIPAA EDI transactions that are received from external partners. These transactions include eligibility, claim status inquiry, precerts and referrals to name a few. This session will highlight the way the real-time systems are implemented at Aetna to process over one million real-time transactions a day with average end-to-end response time of one second.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-2275 - IBM WebSphere Message Broker: New support for enterprise information systems, including SAP, Siebel, and PeopleSoft
Tim Dunn, IBM, Performance Architect
The newly-announced IBM WebSphere® Message Broker Version 6.1 delivers native support for connecting to Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), including SAP, Siebel and PeopleSoft. This session demonstrates how to use new nodes and wizards in WebSphere Message Broker to integrate these systems with your Message Broker infrastructure.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-2513 - Case study: Online brokerage application migration to WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Version 6.1 at Toronto-Dominion Bank
Tom Duane, Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group (TDBFG), Lead Architect TD Wealth Management
This session reviews the migration of WebBroker, the Toronto-Dominion Bank TD wealth management online brokerage application. Toronto-Dominion Bank moved WebBroker to the IBM WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment WAS ND) Version 6.1. The wealth management business team of Toronto Dominion Bank presents their Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) hosting strategy on top of WAS ND. In this session, attendees will get a look inside their roadmap: where they came from, where they are going, and their incremental, substantial, and transformational phases in a new, shared environment. Topics to be covered include a pre- and post- WAS ND application architecture update, impact to performance metrics, reasons for success, development and deployment challenges, and future migration from a legacy J2EE application architecture, ePlatform, to a non-proprietary platform, leveraging best-in-class established frameworks like JavaServer Faces and Spring.
Level: Intermediate

TIN-2529 - Michelin Accelerates Customer Management via WebSphere
Randy Lollis, Michelin Tire, VP Groupe Information and Integration Services, Connie Shamlin, Michelin, BUE Sales and Marketing
Michelin implemented a Websphere based customer master data management system on a world-wide basis that has provided a 360 degree view of the customer. This has resulted in improving customer awareness, trends, buying patterns, most profitable channel to market, etc. Michelin utilized Webpshere Message Broker, Websphere Customer Center and Webpshere Portal to implement this new global Master Application.
Level: Not Applicable

TIN-2562 - Creating a Partner Gateway using Federated Web Services with DataPower, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, and SAML
Robert Wilkerson, Alltel, Director, Office of Technology
his presentation will show how Alltel leveraged the DataPower appliances and Tivoli's Federated Identity Manager product to create a federated web services solution. This "Partner Gateway" enables Alltel to rapidly integrate 3rd party content and service provider solutions to offer leading-edge cellular products to its customer base.
Level: Not Applicable