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Innovate 2014

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Who should attend Innovate 2014: The IBM Technical Summit

This is IBM Rational’s premier annual Software Delivery and Product Development conference for Software Delivery and Product Development professionals whose success depends on their ability to deliver software and deliver products, IT leaders, business executives, developers, testers, configuration managers, architects and systems engineers. Innovate is the place to expand and deepen the critical skills needed to enhance software development, delivery and management; seize new business opportunities; execute with reduced risk and cost; achieve precision in desired business outcomes; and collaborate, automate and report throughout the application lifecycle. This year we have added a new stream, IBM Technical Summit, that will bring together all levels of software delivery and product development practitioners to improve the practices, predictability and economics of product development and software delivery. Explore key trends and directions that impact product development and software delivery teams, such as Agile, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data & Social Business.

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