How do I find sessions?

Use the Agenda Builder 'Search' tab to find sessions.

You must be registered for Information On Demand 2013 to be able to use the Agenda Builder. If you are not already registered for the conference, go here to register.

If you are registered for the conference, but do not yet have an Agenda Builder password, you will need to go to the Agenda Builder Sign in page and click the 'Create Sign in' link in the 'First Time User' section. You will need the e-mail address that you used to register for Information On Demand 2013 and the confirmation number from your registration confirmation e-mail. You will then be asked to create a password and a user profile.

If you already have a password you can go here to sign-in to Agenda Builder.

There are a number of ways that you can search for sessions.

By Program, Track and Sub-Track

The sessions at Information On Demand 2013 are organized into a series of programs. Within each program the sessions are organized into tracks and if appropriate into sub-tracks. You can search for sessions at any of these levels by selecting the Program/Track/Sub-Track combination that you are interested in and then clicking the 'Search' button.

By Topic

If you are interested in sessions related to a specific topic, you can find them by selecting the topic from the Topic list and then clicking the 'Search' button.

By Level

To help you find sessions that match the level of information that you are looking for the sessions at Information On Demand 2013 are categorized by one of the following levels:

Make a selection from the Level list to find sessions at that level.

By Audience

You can search for sessions aimed at a specific audience type by selecting a type from the Audience list.

By Keyword

Enter text into the 'Keyword(s)' field and click 'Search' to find sessions that match the keywords you enter. This is useful if you know the session id of a session, or if you want to find sessions with a particular speaker. Just type the session id or speaker name into the 'Keyword(s)' field.

By Activity Type

You can refine your search by choosing the activity type or types to include. So if you are interested in finding which Hands on Labs are available, select it as the Activity type and your search results will include only Hands on Labs.

By Date/Time

To restrict your search to only those sessions on specific days or at specific times you can choose the days and/or times that you are interested in. Only those sessions that match the selected dates/times will be included in your search results.

Each time you search a new 'Search Results' tab is created. You can have as many 'Search Results' tab open as you need.

Note that you will not be able to get a list of all sessions. At a minimum you are required to choose one item from the search criteria. The Search tab does retain your choices so please be sure to click 'Reset' if you want to begin a new search.