What is a 'Drop-in Lab'?

At Information On Demand 2013 there are two types of lab; Scheduled Labs and Drop-in Labs. A Scheduled Lab runs for a fixed length of time with the intent that you attend for the entire time. A Drop-in Lab is also scheduled for a fixed length of time but is designed to allow you to choose when and for how long you want to attend. These Drop-in Labs allow you to better fit a lab experience into your agenda. Some rooms are dedicated to Drop-in Labs and attendees can come and go as they please across numerous labs.

If a lab is available as a Drop-in Lab you will see an 'Add as Drop-in Lab' link in the session details. You can click the link to add the Drop-in Lab to your on-site agenda at the time and for the length that suits you best.

* All Drop-In Lab enrollments are Subject to Availability. Check in at the Drop-In Lab Center in Shorelines B.