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Exhibitor/Sponsor Application

IOD 2013

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If you have any questions, please contact the following:

EXPO Sales:
Anthony 769-5606
Moleska 252-9335
EXPO Support:
Susan Duven 488-2109
Brittany 625-4811
EXPO Internal Sales & Business Partner Summit :
Christine 356-5306
EXPO Manager:
Tony 284-3480

Company contact information


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Executive contact information

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Sponsorship Package / Exhibit Space

Early Bird Sponsorship pricing expires on August 31, 2013. If you would like additional details on pricing or Sponsorship packages, click here.

Multiple 10x10 booth spaces are available to Exhibitors Only.
Marquee Entertainment Sponsorship (SOLD)
Premier Social Media Sponsorship (SOLD)
Diamond Sponsorship (SOLD)
Platinum Sponsorship (SOLD)
Green Sponsorship (SOLD)

      (Dollar value varies; See below to select options)
Qty: X $14,000

Optional Booth Accessory Packages

Order an OPTIONAL Accessory Package for your booth. Click here for details.
(Ideal for a 10x10 Booth Space)Qty: X $3,000
(Ideal for a 10x10 Booth Space)Qty: X $4,000
(Ideal for a 10x20 Booth Space)Qty: X $5,000

Marketing Promotional Opportunities

Marketing promotional items are subject to availability at the time of submission.

For additional information on these Marketing opportunities, click here.

Advertising Promotions

Ad on Printed EXPO Guide Cover (full page; subject to availability)
  SOLD!! X $4,000
  SOLD!! X $3,500
  SOLD!! X $3,000
Ad on Inside Page of Online/Printed EXPO Guide
  SOLD!! X $2,000
  SOLD!! X $1,000
  SOLD!! X $750
Ad in Printed Pocket Guide (full page; subject to availability)
  SOLD!! X $3,000

  SOLD!! X $2,500
(multiple opportunities)  SOLD!! X $2,500
Advertising on Conference Digital Signage (rotating content provided by sponsors)
(up to 120 seconds max)  SOLD!! X $2,500
(up to 60 seconds max)  SOLD!! X $1,500
  SOLD!! X $1,000
  SOLD!! X $750
Advertising on Digital Video Wall in EXPO (rotating content provided by sponsors)
(up to 120 seconds max)  SOLD!! X $6,000
(up to 60 seconds max)  SOLD!! X $4,000
  SOLD!! X $3,000
  SOLD!! X $2,000
NEW! Advertising on the Conference Agenda Builder
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(limited opportunities)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(2 opportunities)  SOLD!!X $1,000
Additional Advertising Opportunities:
(2 opportunities) Qty: X $7,500
(only 1 opportunity; sponsor provides notepad using approved vendor)  SOLD!! X $2,500
(brochures for tables provided by sponsor) Qty: X $1,500
(2 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $5,000
(sponsor provides 300 items) Qty: X $1,000
(100 word write-up included with other sponsors)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(limited quantity available; flyer provided by sponsor)  SOLD!! X $1,500
(multiple opportunities)  SOLD!! X $850

Special Promotions

(2 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $12,000
(only 1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $12,000
(2 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $18,000

Sponsorship Opportunities

(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $12,000
(1 opportunity)Qty: X $6,500
(multiple opportunities)Qty: X $1,500
NEW! (10 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $2,500
  SOLD!! X $8,500
  SOLD!! X $10,000
(1 available)  SOLD!! X $15,000
(2 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $3,500
(multiple opportunities)  SOLD!! X $1,500
(4 opportunities)Qty: X $1,500
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $15,000
(signage acknowledgement only; 3 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $3,000
(signage acknowledgement only; 1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $7,500
NEW! (10 opportunities)  SOLD!! X $6,500

Additional Opportunities

(60 minutes; subject to approval; limited number available; includes 1 full conference badge; submission due dates apply)Qty: X $12,500
(additional hotel charges apply)Qty: X $1,500
(limited number available)Qty: X $5,000
(additional postage and handling charges apply)  SOLD!! X $1,500
(additional postage and handling charges apply)Qty: X $1,500
(20 minutes; subject to approval; multiple opportunities)Qty: X $1,500
(limited number available)  SOLD!! X $30,000
(limited number available)   SOLD!! X $20,000
(limited number available)  SOLD!! X $10,000

Golf Sponsorship Packages

Be a sponsor at IBM's eighth annual Information On Demand Golf Classic being held on Saturday, November 2, 2013 exclusively for IBM and IBM Business Partner executives.
(1 sponsorship available)  SOLD!! X $5,000
(1 sponsorship available)  SOLD!! X $5,000
(1 sponsorship available)  SOLD!! X $5,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $2,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000
(1 opportunity)  SOLD!! X $1,000

Product/Solution description


Primary Partner type



NOTE: Selection of a VAD indicates your acknowledgement that you will participate in the VAD Incentive.

Product areas

We plan to offer conference activities specifically targeted to the following product areas. Please select your product areas. Your selection will help you to be identified as a member of those product areas.
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Payment information

If you have any questions, please contact Anthony Ramon at or by phone at (510) 769-5606.

Contract conditions / Rules and regulations

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Agreement to Terms and Conditions
Co-marketing Funds Terms and Conditions
On August 1st, 2013, IBM announced revised Terms and Conditions associated with events being executed by IBM Business Partners, where those events are reimbursed in whole or in part by IBM co-marketing funds. Currently, all Sponsorship packages offered for Information On Demand 2013 are compliant and eligible for full reimbursement EXCEPT FOR the Golf sponsorships, the VIP Suites and the Massage Chair sponsorships. These 3 items are not co-marketing eligible, and if purchased by a partner would make their entire Information On Demand sponsorship ineligible for co-marketing funds. If interested in one of these 3 additional items, be sure that you read the IBM Co-Marketing Event Eligibility Criteria to understand eligibility of co-marketing funds. For questions and for more information, please contact your primary IBM Co-Marketing representative.

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