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Discount Packs

Group discount bundles are available for full conference passes in bundles of 5+, 10+ or 20+. Here are the policies and pricing for each group discount bundle:

Total group sale cost :

Payment information


This is the number found on the back of the card (Discover, Visa, Master Card) or front (Amex) of your credit card. To learn more click here

If you cannot pay online (e.g., government agencies), please click here.

Security code content

Where is my Card ID?

The Customer Card ID Number (CID or CVV2) is a three or four digit number that is unique to each card. This additional security feature is designed to protect you by helping to ensure the card is present during the purchase. It is printed only on the card, never on any receipts or statements.

American Express Card Holders:

The Card Identification # is the 4 digit, non-embossed number printed above your account number on the face of your card. This number is recorded as an additional security precaution.

Private Payment User? Please use the CID from your issued American Express Card.

If your AMEX account number does not have a plastic card associated with it, then you do not have a Card Identification #. In this case, you should enter the last 4 digits of your AMEX account number in the Card Identification # field in order for your transaction to be processed.
American Express

Discover, Visa and MasterCard Holders:

CVV2: A new Three-Digit ValueAn important new security feature for card-not present transactions now appears on the back of most Visa cards. This new feature is a three-digit value which provides a cryptographic check of the information embossed on the card.

CVV2’s LocationThe CVV2 three-digit value is printed on the signature panel on the back of Visa cards immediately following the Visa card account number.

Discover, Visa and MaterCard

The CVV2 value helps validate two things:

CVV2 is printed only on the back of Visa cards--it is not contained in the magnetic stripe information, nor does it appear on sales receipts.

Group bundle fees

(All prices are in US Dollar, per person.)
TypePriceTime Period
5+ bundle$1750Aug 06 - Jan 31, 2013
10+ bundle$1700Aug 06 - Jan 31, 2013
20+ bundle$1650Aug 06 - Jan 31, 2013

Customer Service


847-996-5877 or 800-650-6870