Integrated Expertise: Unveiling A New Era of Computing

Introducing the world’s first family of systems with integrated expertise.

On April 11, 2012, IBM will launch expert integrated systems. A new computing category that will completely change the way you deploy, manage and fund IT. And one that will change your business from the moment it is installed.

See IBM change the game

These new integrated hardware and software systems are designed specifically for the types of workloads that you most frequently deploy to help you operate and optimize your business. They’re designed to get new application projects up and running in as little as four hours - cutting months off the usual deployment time.

You are invited to attend Integrated Expertise: Unveiling A New Era of Computing launch event. Don't miss your chance to attend one of the 60 event locations on April 11th across North America. This event will feature an hour-long interactive broadcast presented in high definition and cinema surround sound in a first class restaurant setting.

At this event you will:

Immediately following the broadcast you'll have the opportunity to hear from experts in a face-to-face discussion.

See how your organization can take advantage of the latest breakthrough in this new era of computing: expert integrated systems.