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Importance of High Quality Technical Information

The purpose of this survey is to collect data on the importance of quality technical information. Technical information is defined here as the technical content of the products and solutions that you access through mechanisms such as information centers, embedded help in the user interface, the Support Portal, the developerWorks® Web site, and IBM Redbooks® publications. This questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete. When you finish, click Submit Survey to send your responses.

The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required to complete this survey; other fields are optional. If you do not want to provide us with the required information, click Back on your browser to return to the previous page, or close the window or browser session that is displaying this page.

1) * For the products and solutions that you use in your job, rate the importance of quality technical information on the following items:
Very Important Important Somewhat Important Little Importance No Importance at All
*Your initial purchase decision
*Your perception of product quality
*Your overall satisfaction with the product
*Your perception of the company that produced it

2) * Which of the following roles best describes your activities with respect to the products and solutions you use at work? (Select all that apply.)



5) Which of the following best describes your role at work? (Select all that apply.)

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